Henry grew up on the coast of Scotland and had spent his childhood dreaming that one day he would explore the world. From the age of 12 he had wanted to start his own clothing company, at 16 he started selling tee shirts and at 18 he opened his own ice cream shop by the beach.

In 2013 Henry finally resolved to follow his passion by creating a swim short company called Henri James. Having grown up by the beach and wearing his swim shorts most days, Henry knew this was a product he could improve. He wanted to create a short that he could wear all summer, something that was durable, comfortable & vibrantly coloured to suit a suntan.

The story is only really just beginning for Henri James, but travel and the sea is at the heart of everything they do. This year HJAMES was nominated for the Young Edge award for start up businesses in Scotland and they helped organise and host a beach rugby tournament in Elie, Scotland, which raised over £3000 for The Sandpiper Trust charity. The swim shorts are worn by several adventurers he admires and sportsmen alike, as well as being stocked in several boutique hotels around the world.


Our shorts are made in Portugal, by one of the top swim shorts manufacturers in Europe. We use a unique fabric, customised for our swim shorts. It’s designed to feel like cotton, so it’s slightly thicker than your typical swim shorts fabric, and it dries quickly in the sun.

The fit is designed for guys who like to stay active when travelling. We’ve gone for a comfortable mid length short, so you can feel comfortable walking around the vineyards of Tuscany to dipping your toes in the Caribbean sea.

Our prints are what make our shorts stand out. For us the most important aspect of travel is the memories you make. Be it with family, friends or exploring alone. Our aim is to always design prints that mirror those memories. They will always be tastefully vibrant and full of character.