Beach Rugby


The last time there was a game of rugby held on Elie beach, I was in my nappies watching The Ship Inn XV take on Edinburgh Accies in 1994. My Dad’s pub team, taking on a semi professional group of athletes in peak physical condition, surely there would be no upset? Correct! They were thumped! But a huge party followed in the beer garden afterwards, and the players with their broken bones, torn hamstrings and sand scraped knees vowed never to play again.


That was the last year any organised beach rugby was played, but for years I listened to the old Ship Inn team tell stories of the day they all got together and played rugby on the beach, and what fun it was.


20 years went by, and my three brothers and I left Elie to do different things, and the pub changed ownership. Just recently I was out with my brothers reminiscing about how fun it was growing up in a pub! Eating in the pub kitchen every night, sitting in the back bar playing dominoes, being left to run about on the beach all day….and watching the beach rugby. Why had no one organised something since?


So I’ve decided to team up my swim shorts brand ‘Henri James’ with the Ship Inn and Savills, to host a day of beach rugby and a huge afterparty in the stunning, newlook Ship Inn. For spectators there’ll be some good quality rugby on show for the day, a BBQ, some top notch retail, live music from a VW caravan DJ and lots lots more!


For anyone who knows Elie they’ll tell you it’s a special place, and hopefully this event will encourage someone else running around in their nappies to host their own beach rugby tournament in 20 years time.